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As above so below
As within so without
I know the above is an extract of a larger phrase said by someone important. I assume that someone is important because of how much people quote the same lines.
I like how 8 simple words can be sequenced together to make such an enlightening phrase. And in a addition to that it sounds relaxing to say, to think of, to write down.
I love how it’s introspective.
It makes you look within. You ask yourself important questions, who am I as a person. What’s the colour of my heart. Do I harbour love and kindness or the opposite.

It’s also expansive, the same line. As above so below. If we take it literally, what’s in the soil, in the earth reflects what’s in the air, the atmosphere. And with this kind of searching in we can keep doing that which is pro-growth and eliminate that which destroys.

But the question is, who’s willing?